History of exhibithion

The idea of holding an exhibition so unusual for Russia origin from Sergey Yakushin  в 1992 году. Visiting the countries of Europe and Asia, the head of the largest exhibition center in Siberia saw how high the level of funeral services abroad, while in Russia the culture of burial was lost. Then S. Yakushin decided that a professional exhibition of funeral art could attract foreign participants to Russia with their modern technologies and funeral goods and domestic producers, who badly needed updating and new ideas.

For the first time, an exhibition of such delicate subjects as funerals was held in 1993. This was preceded by a long, laborious market research of the market, which produced impressive results: the lack of state coordination of the ritual services market against the background of the country's unstable social and economic development led to a sharp rise in the cost of funeral organization. What "worthy care" could be discussed if people did not have enough money for bread? In the minds of people, the funeral of a loved one left bitter, sometimes humiliating memories. (more...)