Action«FACE of Industry ».

Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the photo contest«FACE of the Industry».

Perpose of contest: to acquaint the professionals of our sphere with each other, to choose the persons who will represent the industry in the media and to set the modern level of professional standards

All the specialists of the funeral industry can take part in the competition.


  1. The kindly face of the industry.
  2. The intelegent face of the industry.
  3. The heartly face of the industry.

To take part the contest, you need to send a photo and a completed form  (download form)

Photo of participants, uploaded to the site, according the following requirements:

File : . JPEG

Image size: 1240х1754 pixel (150 dpi)

Not more: 5 Мб

We accept photo without inscriptions, frames and any elements of computer graphics, except for the necessary color correction. 

Photos are posted on the site of the project "Necropolis", at special stands of exhibitions "Necropolis-Baikal" and "Necropolis-Moscow 2018", as well as in a special album that will be distributed in Russia and in foreing editions.

Winners in each nomination will be selected by visitors and participants of our exhibitions. You can cast your vote in each nomination only once (for example, you can give all three nominations to one participant or distribute, in your opinion, three nominations between three different specialists).

At the part of the contest "The Face of the Industry" we ask you also to tell about the company where you work - to present her social portrait. This is participation in public actions, sponsorship and charity projects. Do not hesitate to present in a favorable light the public face of your firm: what are the sizes of sponsorship participation in public projects, and what is the result. This information will help the organizer to identify the most active companies engaged in charity. This will help LLC Necropolis 21 Century to tell the media about such companies, and this forms a kindly face of our entire industry as a whole.

The winners of both the regional stage of the contest and the all-Russian competition receive cash prizes.

Completed applications and photos send to e-mail:

Team of project «Necropolis»