Year after year the exhibition is getting better and bigger. The fact that the exhibition changes its concept, still remains true to the basic idea of defelop the industry, pleased not only for professionals, but also for simple citizens. The funeral branch is an integral part of our life ,and this fact what people not compare as with bandits and corrupt people any more.
This is efforts invested of the organizers of exhibition "Necropolis"

Павел Кодыш, Президент Союза похоронных организаций и крематориев

We firmly believe that through joint efforts we will be able to bring the level of ritual services to international quality standards. The funeral industry already has a material base, professional coordinating associations, specialized printed publications, trained personnel. We believe in our power

Дмитрий Шляпин, Начальник управления рекламы и информации МГУС

Necropolis Fair for us is experience, training, important meetings, leaving a sense of pride for our colleagues. Today it is very difficult to imagine that just ten years ago nothing of the kind happened at the funeral market

Анатолий Прохоров, ГУП «Ритуал»

We are very grateful to the organizers and our partners for the opportunity to participate in this event.

Валерия Удалова, Генеральный директор "КриоРус", Первой криокомпании Евразии