Results of «NECROPOLIS-TANEXPO World Russia 2015»

Опубликовано: Tuesday, 08 December 2015

Another “NECROPOLIS-TANEXPO World Russia” expo has come to an end. Another wondrous event that all the participants have been long preparing for became history. Everything that happened during those three days of October gives food for thought about processes and tendencies in funeral services business.

Photos from this memorable event can be seen in the Photo Gallery.

Again the expo has beaten the records with the number of visitors – over 3000 specialists came. About 200 companies decided to participate and among 40 accredited social media were: Russia today, 1 channel, NTV, Russia24, TV-3, RenTV, OTR, Dozhd, Pyatniza and many others. According to mass media estimate “Necropolis” expo is the most visited event of VDNKh.

The queue for tickets that gathered in the first day of the expo stretched from the registration desk almost to the pavilion entrance. At one moment six managers were attending the visitors at the same time. And a rich programme of events did not leave a minute to spare – people communicated in conference halls, at the booths, at the main expo square and in the alleys near the exhibited goods – at each spot one could hear serious negotiations regarding the supply of goods, spare parts, raw materials, machines or equipment used in funeral business.

Traditionally the opening ceremony was preceded by the mourning fashion defile – “Mystery of Death” project by Eliza Rossar. This time the defile presented ready-to-wear outfits.

On the first day of the expo the results of the “In Loving Memory” funeral floristic contest were reviewed. Nine teams of florists took part in it and presented their elegant floral arrangements for the appraisal of three professional judges and for the admiration of general public.

A funeral textile contest has been held in the framework of “NECROPOLIS-TANEXPO 2015” too. Eleven firms which specialise in such products decided to present their goods for it. The contestants competed in two nominations: “coffin set” and “clothes for the deceased”. Participants offered one sample for each nomination for the judgment of public and the winner was determined by means of anonymous voting. This contest had no professional jury, so in a way the winner received an audience choice award. The samples put on display were done in various styles and colour schemes, from classic white satin with lace, to intricate bead embroidery and sophisticated draping. The clothes were in accordance with all constructive peculiarities and requirements for this type of garments: comfortable in use and covering most of the body.

Almost 500 expo visitors put their votes in for one or another contestant. The winner in the “coffin set” nomination was “RitiS” LLC, Moscow; and in “clothes for the deceased” – “Ritual-Lotos” LLC, Tambov. All contest participants were awarded with diplomas, and the winners received money prizes from the organisers. We hope that such competitions would contribute to a wider choice of models of funeral textile, encourage producers to try new materials and decorations. These things together would lead Russian funeral industry to a higher aesthetic level.

As usual, during three days of NECROPOLIS expo various novelties are displayed. These presentations set trends and determine fashion for the following year, helping the producers of funeral goods, as well as funeral homes that offer burial and cremation services, in their choice of products.

More thoughtful and less caustic became reporter’s questions and their reports after their visits to the expo. During the defile of mourning clothes at there were over a dozen video cameras and just as many photo cameras working with enthusiastic concentration. Newswriters and their filming crews did not come to the expo looking for scandalous facts and this can be regarded as a positive shift in the perception of specialists working in funeral business by mass media.

In the spotlight of the display were products of VOYAGER company – unique designer coffins by Iscandar Kadyrov, which the artist calls the “capsules for time travel”. Upholstered in leather and felt cloth, finished with varnish of high quality they attracted attention of every person in the exhibition hall.

Each person entering the expo grounds could not but stop to admire a 500-litres aquarium with live fishes and a decorative full-size skeleton inside. This fish tank and a black grandfather’s clock with a shovel in place of a pendulum were two of the most popular places for “selfies”.

At the expo one could find literature on the subject of stone processing, on how to establish a funeral home, collections of poems and speeches, mourning cards and envelopes, electronic icon lamps and candles, icons, incense, lamp oil, singumators, and even “commemoration” chocolates. Guests could also purchase funeral themed souvenirs at the entrance of the expo hall.

Our foreign exhibitors presented many different branches of funeral industry – cremation equipment, instruments, accessories, coffin and gravestones finishing, specialised cars, fabrics and artificial flowers – all those could be found in assortment for any taste and money.

Spanish company “Conserfil Nature” presented a new non-invasive technology “BIO SAC” for conditioning, preparation, conservation and embalming of a body without using dangerous chemicals, including widely used formalin. The new creation comprises of a small package with a compound that is harmless for a human being and when placed on the body it provides its conservation, slows down the decomposition process, eliminates post-mortem changes and smell. This technology can revolutionise the process of preserving bodies, especially in remote regions where usually there are no embalming specialists and cool cabinets.

Italian company Pilato s.r.l.  for over 53 years has been producing hearses on the base of Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar. The advantage of this producer is that all the car models are approved of by manufacturers of bases. Individual approach to clients allows them to create unique automobiles than can satisfy any religious and personal demands.

For the first time at our expo a Hungarian company “Crematorium Technology” presented their cremation equipment projects. At a price that is half the average on the market they are ready to offer a cremation complex just as effective as any other. Besides that the company can develop a custom project with optimal placing of all cremation equipment in the complex. In addition, they offer service maintenance and preferential loans from Hungary.

Some special attention should be paid to the absolute leader in production of religious and decorative goods for cemeteries in Greece – Pater Imon company, an exclusive distributor for TH Vrohidis. At the factory in Athens they produce icon lamps, crosses, frames, icons and miscellaneous decorations from bronze and aluminium with powder coating. They own full-cycle facilities where they start by creating a product sample from a sketch and finish with mass production of ready for sale items. Representatives of Pater Imon are present in every part of the world where Greek people are – in Bulgaria, Tyrkey, Canada, Australia and many other countries. Now they are searching for a Russian dealer.

We should note that many exhibitors of “NECROPOLIS-TANEXPO” have sold all the goods they brought to Moscow in the very first day of the expo and plates stating “sold” attached to items on display were not a rare sight on the second and third day of work.

In the framework of the expo everybody willing could attend training courses “Funeral director” where one could gain additional knowledge and get a new perspective on their job through the lectures and seminars with acknowledged professionals that have been working in funeral business for many years. More than 40 peoplecameforthis opportunityfromvariouspartsofRussia.

One the third day of “NECROPOLIS-TANEXPO 2015” the results of the “Golden medal” contest were announced. 30 nominees received their deserved awards and diplomas. It is likely that next year the contest may change its entire form to include funeral services along with goods. All the potential participants were notified of that at the closing ceremony.

The “NECROPOLIS” team would like to express their gratitude to the general partner of the project – “Ermis” federal network; the general sponsor of the expo – SUE “Ritual”, Moscow; the sponsor of this expo – “Photoceramics technologies center”; and the information partner – “Luk-Media” company. Our special thanks go to all participants and visitors who came to Moscow to be a part of our expo.

We will be glad to see you again at our exhibitions. Next year we are waiting for you in Chelyabinsk and Sochi.

Until we meet again in 2016!

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