Necropolis-Baikal 2018. Excurtion to island Оlkhon!

Participants and visitors of the exhibition "Necropolis-Baikal 2018"! Welcome to the wonderful world of Olkhon - a treasure of Baikal nature and culture legacy.


The Olkhon island is a very special place, wrapped by tribute legend. Its  keeped the  memory about uniq place, where  is not have   the traces of civilization . Words   not  enough for  explane realy beauty  of this picture .Use the  moment  to   attend this  place !   













Excurtion  оrganizied by travel  agency "Marusiya - ТUR".
Address: Irkutsk, 2nd-Zheleznodorojnaya, 72, оf. 8 (staition Chaika)
Phone number: 8 (3952) 43-70-80;
8 (3952) 609-042;
8 (902) 510-90-42 - for urgent  questions
Contact person: ms.Ludmila Vasilieva
ICQ: 691932899
SKYPE: marusytur

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